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Mixing and Matching: The Art of Curating an Eclectic Dinnerware Collection

Mixing and Matching: The Art of Curating an Eclectic Dinnerware Collection - bzyoo

If you’re planning a dinner party or family gathering, you want to impress your guests. No doubt, you probably put extra time and effort into cleaning your home and making sure everything is in order. Of course, the food needs to be extraordinary too. Whether you’re serving a full Thanksgiving dinner, an upscale three-course meal, or a simple but tasty pasta dish, you want your guests to be delighted with your culinary creations. 

That being said, your table needs to be equally stunning. From the centerpiece to the tablecloth and napkins, you want your guests to be wowed by your unique style and decorative finesse. One way to do that is with an eclectic collection of dinnerware. With the right plates, cups, bowls, glasses, and other pieces, you can create a table setting that’s sure to make an incredible impression. 

What Is an Eclectic Dinnerware Collection, Exactly?

Before delving into tips for curating an eclectic dinnerware collection and using it to create breathtaking place settings, let’s take a brief look at just what that entails. By definition, eclectic essentially means derived from a diverse range of styles and sources. In the case of dinnerware, it means mixing and matching styles, colors, and patterns for a one-of-a-kind look and ambiance. 

Not very long ago, serving meals on mismatched dinnerware would cause guests to raise an eyebrow. They might have questioned whether their hosts were colorblind or able to afford a matching set of dishes. That’s no longer the case. At this point, bringing an eclectic touch to the dinner table shows a heightened sense of style and flair, and it’s considered quite chic. 

How to Combine Colors, Textures, and Patterns for a Perfect Table Setting

Now, we’ll cover some of the basics of creating beautiful table settings with dinnerware that doesn’t necessarily bear the same textures and patterns. It’s all about finding the right balance of color and design. From there, you can branch out in any number of directions, combining a variety of patterns, hues, and materials. You can even combine contemporary dinnerware with interesting pieces you find in antique shops and thrift stores. 

Should Your Dinnerware Match Your Kitchen? 

First of all, the question on many people’s minds is whether your dinnerware should match your kitchen and dining room. In truth, it depends. If you’re looking for pieces to display in a china cabinet or hutch, then they should match your kitchen or dining room decor to at least some extent. You could choose dinnerware that has patterns or accent colors that meld with those in your home. 

For dishes you’ll actually be serving meals on, though, there’s really no need to worry about sticking with a single color or decorative theme. That’s one of the reasons curating an eclectic range of dinnerware is so much fun. You’re free to let creativity be your guide. 

Start With the Basics

If you’re new to mixing and matching or you prefer not to venture too far outside the box, you could start by adding basic white dinnerware and a few muted colors or simple patterns to your arsenal. White goes with everything, right? You could layer patterned plates over white chargers or white plates over colorful chargers. If you want to add teacups and saucers to the mix, you could use the same combination of patterns and white but reverse the layout.

On the other hand, you could choose dinnerware with a dynamic pattern and pair it with monochromatic pieces. For example, you might mix plates that have a colorful mandala pattern with chargers of a single matching hue. Including simple textured dinnerware is also a fantastic way to change up your place settings. It can add a bit of interest without risking clashing colors or patterns. For extra appeal, consider using textured napkins or placemats along with your dishes. 

Matching the Dinnerware With the Occasion

When you’re creating eclectic table settings, it’s more important to match the plates, bowls, cups, and other pieces with the occasion than with each other or your home decor. That’s where your creativity can really shine through. Sets are available for virtually any event, and there are countless multipurpose colors and designs on the market.

Say, for example, you’re planning an elegant dinner party or tea. For an occasion like that, you could pair antique blue and white china with both blue and white accent pieces or use pink rose patterns in tandem with solid pink pieces. For Easter brunch, you could create place settings using a blend of vibrant floral patterns and solid pastels. 

For Christmas table settings, there are countless possibilities. You might pair modern, festive prints with solid red, green, silver, or gold chargers. You could also use your favorite traditional Christmas China in combination with embossed pieces. Those are only a few possibilities. 

Mixing Materials

If you want to take matters a step farther, there’s no harm in mixing dinnerware made of different materials. Don’t hesitate to bring together your porcelain, ceramic, melamine, and colored glassware to create truly breathtaking place settings. Just be sure their colors and patterns meld with one another in some way. 

Flatware comes into play as well. For casual gatherings, basic stainless steel forks, knives, and spoons will certainly suffice. They’re even appropriate for more formal events if you add the right amount of elegance with your dinnerware. You can use gold-plated or toned flatware with gilded dinnerware for a more upscale affair or bring out the good silver when using silver-toned or gilded dishes as part of your place settings. 

Making Your Table Settings Stand Out

Though many people prefer to have strictly matching dinnerware, you don’t have to follow tradition. Having an eclectic mix of plates, bowls, chargers, cups, and other pieces can give you unlimited freedom of expression. Don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity and choose dinnerware that truly speaks to your personal style. 

When creating beautiful, interesting place settings, layering is the key to success. Use different patterns, colors, and materials to add visual appeal. Keep balance in mind as well. That applies to the colors and patterns you use as well as the sizes and shapes of your dinnerware. Be sure your choices match the occasion too. 

With so many colors, patterns, styles, and materials available, the possibilities are endless. Don’t hesitate to branch out and try different combinations. After all, you can always change and rearrange your place settings to find the ones that showcase your style and are sure to leave a positive impression on your guests.