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Melamine Plates in the Restaurant Industry: What are the Benefits?

Melamine Plates in the Restaurant Industry: What are the Benefits? - bzyoo

Melamine plates are made from heat-resistant, durable, and lightweight materials that allow staff to carry and deliver meals safely and efficiently. It’s not just for plates, though—melamine saucers, bowls, serving trays, and more are available. Melamine is a cost-effective solution for restaurants where traditional dinnerware isn’t ideal. Along with its range of styles and colors, melamine plates offer many benefits to busy restaurant owners and managers. Read on to learn more about melamine dinnerware and its advantages.

Melamine Explained

Melamine is a versatile, durable material that’s used in everything from cabinetry to electrical components. When used in restaurant plates, it produces high-quality, richly colored designs that complement every table setting.

The Look and Feel of Porcelain at a Fraction of the Cost

Melamine has come a long way in the last few years, and Bzyoo proudly offers the latest heavyweight, high-gloss designs. Every piece is polished for a smooth, porcelain-like finish, without the high cost of ceramics. Pick up one of our high-quality dinner plates and feel the difference for yourself!

Savings for Restaurateurs on Tight Budgets

Melamine plates aren’t a quick fix; they’re a lasting investment. While our plates are less expensive than fine china and other types of dinnerware, they’re more likely to stand up to daily use. With our plates, you’ll spend less time worrying about cracks and chips—and more time serving guests.

Elegance and Affordability

Melamine dinnerware offers the perfect blend of practicality and sophistication at a low price. These plates are inexpensive, chip-resistant, and nearly indestructible, yet they’re elegant enough to use at dinner parties and weddings. Whether you’re feeding a large group or a few guests here and there, melamine plates help you do it in an affordable style.

A Variety of Styles and Colors for Every Restaurant

Melamine plates are a great choice for restaurant owners who want to add fun and vibrant colors to their tables. Our tableware is available in colors and styles for every occasion. Whether you’re going for farmhouse chic or a high-end aesthetic, there’s a melamine plate to match.

A Plate Durable Enough for Restaurant Use

Thanks to their high-quality materials and construction, melamine plates are nearly shatterproof in almost every scenario. Whether an employee drops a stack of plates, or the dishwasher is a little too rough on them, melamine will get through it all without a scratch. 

Resistance to Heat and Cold

Melamine plates are perfect for hot and cold foods because of their insulating properties. Whether you’re serving a buffet-style meal or hot entrees to every table, melamine dinnerware can take the heat without being left out in the cold.

Usability Indoors and Outdoors

Unlike ceramic and porcelain, melamine plates are versatile enough for indoor dining and outdoor entertaining. Use these durable, elegant plates at outdoor parties, for patio service, or indoors—the choice is yours.

Safety, Convenience, and Ease of Use

Melamine is unparalleled in the convenience it offers. The resin’s insulative properties keep plates cold to the touch when holding the hottest foods, protecting customers and servers from injury. Similarly, melamine plates keep cold foods at safe temperatures until ready to enjoy.

Customers and restaurant owners concerned about the effects of BPA will be happy to know that melamine plates are free of this dangerous chemical. By choosing our dinnerware, you’ll keep staff and guests safe now and in the future.

Sustainability for a Greener Future

Melamine is an eco-friendly choice for restaurant owners who focus on sustainability. The melamine manufacturing process uses natural gas, which is one of the cleanest burning fuels available. Melamine plates are nearly unbreakable, reducing the need for replacement, and their light weight makes them easier and more carbon-efficient to transport.

An Elevated Guest Experience

Today’s melamine dishware is of such high quality that it can be mistaken for ceramic, porcelain, granite, slate, wood, and other food-safe surfaces. The world’s finest chefs are often surprised when they find out the plates they’re using are melamine instead of china. 

Whether you want a contemporary, casual, or classic theme, our melamine dishware will help you achieve it. Browse our inventory to find out how our dishes can build a stronger brand and elevate the guest experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Melamine Restaurant Dinnerware

Fine dining establishments, food trucks, and casual restaurants have one thing in common: the need for durable dinnerware. The best plates add to the dining experience and give guests something to remember. Here, we offer a few tips on finding the best melamine plates for your restaurant.

  • Set a budget. Before shopping for plates, figure out the restaurant’s budget. While commercial dishes are costlier than those made for home use, we offer options in all price ranges. There’s a melamine option for everyone!
  • Focus on durability. Unlike home dishes, restaurant plates are used several times a day, 365 days a year. With everything these dishes go through, wear, tear, and breakage are common. Durable melamine plates reduce replacement costs without affecting the guest experience. 

If replacing shattered and broken china is getting too expensive, consider switching to melamine plates. They’re the perfect blend of durability and affordability.

Gradual Introductions Make for Smooth Transitions

Because melamine plates closely resemble china and other high-end materials, restaurant owners can find new dishes that match existing ones. It’s easy to make the switch by gradually introducing melamine plates for appetizers, desserts, side dishes, and entrees. Your guests want bright, clean plates that are in good condition—and our melamine dishware delivers.

Melamine Plates for a Better Restaurant Experience

Melamine dishes offer several benefits as a commercial dinnerware solution. Their heat and cold resistance, durability, easy care, and versatility make them a viable alternative to disposable and ceramic tableware. With our wide range of colors, styles, and designs, our melamine plates help restaurant owners give guests a better experience while reducing their costs and carbon footprint. Browse our selection of practical, stylish, and eco-friendly tableware online or contact us for more details.