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Everything the Smart Shopper Needs to Know about Melamine Dinnerware

Everything the Smart Shopper Needs to Know about Melamine Dinnerware - bzyoo

Browsing Byzoo’s complete catalogue, you might have noticed that melamine is one of the chief components of the dinnerware collections. Melamine is a modern plastic compound that has become lauded as both high quality and food-safe. 

Many consumers, especially parents, are mindful of the materials that go into their dinnerware and food storage. They try to make sure that everything they eat remains safe for their bodies and their children. 

At Byzoo, healthy living is one of the brand’s core concepts. We use melamine for its quality, durability, and safety.

What is Melamine?

Strictly defined, melamine is a chemical compound used in many plastic items and laminates on products. It’s even used as glue in some cases. 

It’s well known for the durability that it possesses. This is why manufacturers utilize melamine resin for blending with other compounds to create their products and boost their durability. 

Melamine was first created in Germany, back in 1834, by Justus von Liebig. He had been the first to synthesize and isolate this colorless compound properly. But at the time, there hadn’t been a practical application for the compound.

It was only recently, in the modern technological age, that people realized that melamine made a high-quality, safe, and long-lasting plastic compound that could get used in any number of ways.

The Benefits of Melamine

Melamine is more than a compound. It’s an all-around super material that has been popular in recent years for use in all kinds of products and applications. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Food safe 

It’s an FDA-approved material and can be used for serving food. One of the chief reasons that melamine has become so popular in recent years is its discovery as a BPA-free, food-safe plastic with numerous benefits for manufacturers and consumers alike.

  • Dishwasher safe

It’s even more convenient to clean melamine plates as they’ll be safe and easy to clean inside a dishwashing machine, saving you time. Furthermore, melamine is a non-porous substance. This means that it’s also difficult to stain, unlike other materials that could take on the color of a certain food or goes yellow with time.

  • Economical

Melamine costs a lot less to produce than other materials, making the products more affordable. Your melamine dinnerware can look as elegant and be as durable as others but won’t cost as much (a bone china plate would cost roughly four times as much as a melamine one of the same size.)

  • Variety

Melamine is easily molded and customized. And it can take on the appearance of just about anything else: wood, ceramic, and other materials you’d typically expect dinnerware to get made of. This gives manufacturers and consumers endless options when it comes to design and styling. So if you have porcelain set at present, you can gradually transition to melamine plates, and no one will notice. 

  • Sustainable

Even though melamine is considered a plastic or a resin, it offers numerous sustainable options. Manufacturers create eco-friendly and biodegradable melamine lines, so you don’t have to worry about adding plastics into the environment.

  • Lasts for years

It’s shatterproof and can last for a very long time. So, you won’t have to worry about breaking your plates if you drop them, and they can be a colorful feature on your tabletop for decades. And because they’re chip and scratch-resistant, you’ll be saving money by not having to replace dinnerware that’s been accidentally dropped or slips out of your hands. 

  • Heat Safe and Insulating

This material is also heat-safe, and it doesn’t absorb the heat of the food on it. So, if you’re serving hot food, you won’t be burning your hand on the plate. At the same time, melamine is insulating. So if you’re serving cold food, it stays colder for longer. This makes it an ideal material for drinkware and dinnerware.

  • Lightweight

Unlike ceramics or wooden plates, melamine is the lightest of all. It makes carrying that food even more manageable without the added weight of the serving dish. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor dining. If you’re hosting a dinner party, these plates make serving easier and more comfortable. 

Enjoy Dinnerware and Drinkware Made of this High-Quality, Durable Material

Take advantage of all the great benefits that melamine-made dinnerware can provide you, all while looking just as elegant and beautiful as any ceramic plate. Visit the Byzoo online shop today.