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Dinnerware Trends To Embrace in 2023

Dinnerware Trends To Embrace in 2023 - bzyoo

Friends and family are coming over, but the table is bare. To get everything ready for an event or to just make sure the dining room table looks elegant throughout the year, there are tons of options to choose from. If you’re ready to embrace the latest trends and make your table one that’s going to look amazing, make sure you know what to get and how to set it up. Some of the top dinnerware trends for the upcoming year include the following. 

Opt for All-White Table Settings

All-white table settings are still a classic look. Elegant and clean, the white plates, cups, and more will create the perfect background for anything that’s being served. White goes with everything so that the table will look amazing. Plus, white doesn’t have to be boring. While the plates and cups might be white, they can stand out against a colorful tablecloth or placemats. Combine white plates and bowls with colorful cups or centerpieces to create a stunning yet classic look. When buying white plates, look for those that have a little added interest, like ones that are curved more or that are square instead of round, to add something unique to the table. 

Add Some Color for a Classy Look

No matter what the event or occasion is, adding a little bit of color can take the dinner table from plain and boring to elegant. Off-white or similar subdued colors are best for a classy, elegant look. Try a coral rose, almond, ivory, or cream color for the plates. For something warm and inviting, try cinnamon or mustard colors for the plates, and for something a little cooler, opt for light blues, mint, or turquoise. These colors can still be subdued and let the other colors and designs on the table stand out, but they will add to the overall look and create a more elegant presentation. 

Bright Colors for a More Eccentric Look

While lighter colors may be perfect for an elegant look, bright colors can make the place settings a lot more fun. Picking out one color for all of the plates creates consistency across the table, and the color can be used to enhance any other colors on the table. On the other hand, if you’re ready for a more eccentric look, try using different colors for each place setting. The variety of colors adds a lot of interest to the table and can help complement everything else. A more eccentric look is great for everyday dining as well as special parties and events. 

Avoid Breakable Plates

Accidents happen all the time. When someone drops a plate, if it’s ceramic or porcelain, it’s going to break. Unfortunately, if it’s part of an older set of dishes, it may be impossible to replace. What’s the alternative? It’s possible to have a classy or elegant look without having dishes that are breakable. No, that doesn’t mean switching to plastic plates that look and feel cheap. Instead, it might be a good idea to look into melamine plates.

These plates are created from a resin poured into a mold and set until they are solid. Melamine plates are designed to be more durable than ceramic or porcelain, but they still have a solid look to them, so they’re not out of place on any dining table. Plus, these plates are available in many different colors, so there’s an option that’s perfect for anyone. 

Don’t Stick With Round Plates and Cups

Round cups and plates are common, but trends are showing something different coming up. Instead of round dinnerware, many people are opting for square options. Square plates can look amazing, and there are square cups to match them, too. Not sure if the square shape is the right option? Don’t stick with basic shapes. Today, there are tons of different plates, cups, bowls, and more in a variety of shapes, lending themselves to creating a unique table setting.

Serving plates and salad bowls in unique shapes are becoming far more common today. They can be shaped like a heart, animals, or just about anything else and will add to the look of the table. Opt for traditional plates but something more fun for the serving plate to create a more unique look without going overboard. Consider other accessories in unique and fun shapes to create a fun theme that looks good with the plates and cups chosen, like a trivet that’s something other than square. 

Pick Out Patterns to Use

Though an all-white table setting looks classy, there is something to be said about adding color, too. Instead of colored plates, though, consider adding prints or patterns. Everything doesn’t have to be a single color, and there are lots of options that are trending right now. Some of the most common options to choose from include floral, paisley, polka dots, or spiral lines. Something a little more elegant and simple but with a gorgeous twist would be a plate with a gold rim. This adds just enough of a pattern to create interest without taking away from the elegance of the plates or setting. 

Cups, serving plates, and more can come with patterns, too. Like with colors and shapes, it’s best to avoid overdoing it when designing the table. Combining various patterns and colors can create a more eccentric look, but something that’s more subdued is easily accomplished by choosing a more subtle pattern for just the cups or just the plates. Carefully consider the overall look that’s desired and pick out patterns that will complement it without going too far. 

Don’t Forget the Utensils

A lot of care is given to the plates and cups, but the utensils are often forgotten about. While it is fine to use standard stainless steel utensils, it might be worth looking at something different for the upcoming year. Utensils can be simple or ornate, can be purchased in different colors or styles, and can be picked out to complement the dinnerware perfectly. 

It’s also important to make sure the utensils are set up properly on the table. For the average dinner or event, setting the utensils on the plates or putting them in the napkins may work just fine. For more formal dinners, it is important to know how to set the table properly. Even if it’s only done occasionally, it is a good idea to know where the utensils go on the table and to pick out the right ones for any table setting. 

Decorate the Table, Too

The focus may be on the dinnerware, especially if you’re looking to buy new plates, bowls, and cups for the upcoming year. However, don’t forget about everything else that goes on the table. Everything should work together well to create a proper table setting and to inspire the right view when anyone takes a look at the table. A few things to consider include the following. 


A tablecloth can be anywhere from basic white to something a little fancier, depending on the occasion. With plenty of colors, patterns, and more available, there is a tablecloth for just about anything. Plus, they are traditionally inexpensive, so it’s possible to change the tablecloth for a fast way to change the entire look of the table. 


Instead of a tablecloth, placemats can be used at each seat. Paper placemats made from butcher paper can be a great way to add a little country style to the table and can be perfect for writing guests’ names, so they know where to sit. Fabric placemats are available in many colors, shapes, and patterns, so there’s something to match just about any setting. 


The right centerpiece can add to the overall look of the table and enhance the look of the dinnerware. Centerpieces are also easy to change, so it’s possible to switch them based on the season, holiday, or event. Opt for centerpieces that are a little taller so they can be seen over the food and dinnerware, but be aware of having one that’s too large. It’s better to go small and simple to add color or depth than to add something that takes up too much of the table or blocks the view. 

Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are another great way to add to the look of the table, no matter the dinnerware you’re using. Opt for in-season flowers and choose roses or other classics for a more elegant setting. Choose more common flowers for something a little more eccentric. Floral arrangements can be made from real or fake flowers, depending on your preferences. 

If you’re ready for a new look for the dining room, it’s time to take a look at some of the trends taking over for 2023. There are tons of options to choose from, so it’ll be easy to find something that matches your style. Whether you’re looking for something more elegant for a formal dining room or event, or you’re looking for something that’s great for everyday dinners and fun events like birthday parties, you’ll be able to find the perfect dinnerware and setup.