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Bzyoo Brings Style to Your Everyday Life

We are striving to improve everyday dining experience of our consumers. By providing the best-in-segment dinnerware & drinkware products on the market, we contribute to a happy lifestyle of our consumers. We strongly believe that dining experience should not be overlooked in day-to-day life, so we make it special by creating the right dining products.

● Experienced

We are passionate about dining in all its forms and have vast experience in production of superior quality products. Combined with our in-house expertise and longstanding commitment to making quality design and you’ve got an authentic brand that provides you with the right ingredients for your everyday and occasional dining adventures.

● Accessible

Accessibility to perfect dinnerware & drinkware of our consumers is our priority: improvement of your dining experience shouldn’t be expensive. We care about your financial health as much as improve your lifestyle by making great products at a great price. 

● Versatile

From the little cozy apartment to the stylish hotels, for a limited or a broader budget, we aim to provide functional solutions for as many dining tables as possible. With our products we cater to every dining style and offer a versatile product range to match creative personalities of our customers. 

We want to blend your personal style with our dinnerware & drinkware as easy as 1-2-3. Incorporating a personal touch into your dinnerware/drinkware set is simple with the variety of designs & materials we’ve created. Our customers can choose durable sets for everyday use, shatter-resistant options for kids and outdoor parties, and fine materials for upscale dinner parties and formal gatherings.

● Bringing Style to Every Home 

We offer a wide range of convenient and functional dinnerware, drinkware & serveware products for everyday & occasional use to serve at each home for the good wellbeing. 

● Dinnerware & Drinkware That Fits Any Lifestyle

We create authentic designs for all our tableware & drinkware from formal settings for elegant dinner parties to the day-to-day pieces for everyday use so they can fit your lifestyle. 

● Help Customers Express Their Style 

We create cozy and stylish dinnerware/drinkware that fit into any interior and will help you impress your guests. With multiple colors and patterns to select from, you're sure to find a style to suit you and your home. 

● Affordability and Durability

Most of our collections are made of durable materials (like melamine) being shatterproof as well as harder to break or chip, that makes our products one of the most durable solutions in the tableware category. We strive to offer customers the superior quality products at the best price, so you do not worry about the family budget.