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Why Do You Need a Trivet Set? Here Are 4 Key Benefits

Why Do You Need a Trivet Set? Here Are 4 Key Benefits - bzyoo

Trivets are more than just additional items that you put in storage. They’re helpful, especially when you cook or bake often. Mainly used in the kitchen to prevent heat-damaged surfaces, a trivet set will fit just about any household, regardless of its style.

Yet, trivet sets have been somewhat going out of fashion in recent years. Some people don’t even think of using them. But they remain essential in the kitchen and dining areas because they protect tables and countertops from extreme heat, especially when you often use cast irons and different types of bakeware.

For that reason, we’ve decided to list the main reasons you need a good trivet set.

1.  Protect Surfaces in Your Kitchen and Dining Area

The most basic and important advantage of using high-quality trivets is protection. By having several trivets in your kitchen and dining area, you can safely put hot plates, pots, glasses, and pans onto any surface ⁠— without worrying you’ll permanently damage it.

Some surfaces like wood are especially vulnerable to heat which makes a trivet set more than handy to use. Ensure greater longevity to your dining and kitchen tables and counters with a quality trivet set.

2. Decorate Your Home with Useful Items

You don’t have to compromise when it comes to design. Most trivets nowadays come in various styles and designs and can only add to the beauty of your home, also taking the role of stunning kitchen decor. Iron, porcelain, wood, silicone, straw ⁠— all these materials have been used to craft some creative trivets that can adorn your home.

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3. Something to Rest All Hot Objects On

The kitchen is not the only place that is vulnerable to heat exposure. Heat damage can easily stem from other home appliances like irons, hairdryers, drilling machines, etc. This makes trivets multifunctional and multi-purposeful to use wherever you need protection from the heat.

4. Use Them as Gloves to Protect Your Hands & Open Jars

You can also use trivets to protect your hands from the heat. Some trivets are intentionally made to be soft and pliable, so you can simply wrap them around your palms before grabbing a piping hot pot! Moreover, you can also use them when opening some hermetically sealed jars, bottles, and air-tight objects that cannot be cracked open with just your hands.

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