What Drinks Go Best in Highball Glasses?

What Drinks Go Best in Highball Glasses? - bzyoo

The highball glass is a barware staple known for its tall and slender shape that brings out the best in a variety of mixed drinks. This versatile glass has been a fixture in the cocktails world for over a century. While the origins of the term "highball" are debated, the defining characteristic is a tall glass filled with liquor, mixed with a non-alcoholic mixer like soda or juice. The balance of alcohol to mixer can vary based on preference. The highball's clean, elongated silhouette not only adds refinement to a drink's presentation, but it allows for artful layering, an unobstructed view of colors and carbonation, and the aromas of different ingredients to converge.

Today, this dignified yet easygoing glass remains a go-to for bartenders and home mixologists alike. It lends elegance to classics like the Rum and Coke or Vodka Soda while giving trendy new creations a stylish frame. Much of the highball's staying power comes from its simplicity and versatility. All kinds of drinks from tequila-based cocktails to non-alcoholic sodas and juices feel right at home in a highball. Whether enjoying exotic combinations or the beloved Gin and Tonic, the highball celebrates the liquid within. There's a reason it has persevered as a staple behind bars and in cabinets for generations.

Gin and Tonic - This classic cocktail is made by mixing gin with tonic water and often garnished with a slice of lime. The highball glass allows the aromas of the gin to come through while the bubbles of the tonic water are showcased through the narrow opening at the top. 

Vodka Soda - A simple combination of vodka and soda water served over ice. The crisp bubbles and vodka are ideal to sip from a highball. Sometimes vodka sodas are flavored with fruit essences or a squeeze of citrus.

Whiskey and Ginger Ale - The perfect highball for whiskey drinkers, made by mixing Canadian or Irish whiskey with spicy ginger ale. The tall glass lets the whiskey breathe while the ice keeps it chilled.

Paloma - A refreshing Mexican cocktail made by mixing tequila and grapefruit soda like Jarritos and adding a squeeze of lime. The height of the glass suits the sparkling nature of the drink.

Mojito - Rum and mint come together in this Cuban classic. The drink is built over crushed ice in the highball which allows plenty of room for the mint leaves and lime wedge garnish. The tall slim glass also lets the bright green mint leaves and white rum visually stand out when preparing the cocktail. Getting the right balance of rum, sugar, citrus, and mint is key for a refreshing mojito and the highball shape lends well to getting the proportions just right.

Cuba Libre - Mix rum and cola together with a wedge of lime and the Cuba Libre (aka Rum and Coke) is complete. The cola bubbles ascend beautifully in the slender highball glass.

Moscow Mule - A mule mug is traditional but a copper highball glass also suits this ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice drink nicely.

Bloody Mary - Spicy tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire, and other seasonings blend to make the perfect Bloody Mary. The height of the highball allows for celery stalk garnish.

Tequila Sunrise - An orange juice and tequila cocktail that separates by layering grenadine syrup at the bottom. The highball shape lets you see the gradations of color.

Greyhound - A simple mix of vodka and grapefruit juice. The tall slim glass suits the minimal ingredients.

Whiskey Sour - Whiskey sours contain whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and often egg whites for a frothy top. The froth stands out in the narrow frame of the highball.

Highballs are enjoyed by many demographics as they are easy to make and serve. Their classic shape also gives a sense of refined simplicity. Highball glasses are most commonly used:

In bars and lounges - Bartenders appreciate how quick and easy highballs are to make. They allow for fast service while still giving an elegant presentation.

At home - Their affordability and casual vibe make highballs a staple glass for home bar setups. They're great for making basic mixed drinks for guests.

For summer drinking - Iced teas, lemonades, and long mixed drinks suit a highball perfectly for front porch sipping.

While tailgating or picnicking - Highballs travel well in coolers and work great for outdoor festivities where plastic cups would ruin the experience.

Business lunches or dinners - An iced tea or soda in a highball gives a bit more formality than standard short glasses for professional meals out.

By young adults - Highballs have a classier feel than typical pint glasses or mugs preferred by college kids. They offer a more mature drinking experience.

Travelers - Lightweight highballs pack easily in a suitcase while still allowing a proper drink when away from home.

The highball glass has secured its place as a true classic in bar culture and proper drink presentation. While short, stout glasses have their function, the highball's slim, elongated shape adds elegance and versatility no matter your beverage of choice. This glass amplifies aromas, perfectly balances mixes of liquor and non-alcoholic components, allows colors and carbonation to dazzle, and gives room for creative garnishes from mint sprigs to bacon swizzles. Whether enjoying high-end spirits on the rocks or fruit juices and sparkling water, the highball lends character.

It's no wonder this glass remains a staple decades after its inception. The highball offers presentation and versatility few other glasses can match. From the finest cocktail lounges to the dingiest dives, picnic coolers to suitcase collections, the highball glass is always appropriate. It pairs just as well with bespoke mixes as with classic combinations like gin and tonic or vodka soda. For homemade infusions to mocktails and everything between, the highball is a friend that never lets you down. So next time you want an elegant yet casual frame for your drink, reach for a trusted highball. Its slim, graceful profile has endured over a century as a go-to glass for imbibers of all kinds. Here's to another hundred years of the highball's subtle sophistication enhancing cocktail culture one drink at a time.