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The Summer Guide to Outfitting Your Outdoor Kitchen

The Summer Guide to Outfitting Your Outdoor Kitchen - bzyoo

With spring underway, outdoor chefs and grill masters everywhere are beginning to get excited. If this is your first year with an outdoor kitchen, you’ll soon find out why. While it may or may not be time yet to open everything up for the season, depending on where you live, there’s no reason you can’t start preparing now. 

The steps you need to take will vary depending on your situation. If you’ve only just finished installing the basics, that might mean choosing a new grill, pizza oven, or smoker. If your outdoor kitchen is finished and well-outfitted, some festive outdoor plates may be all you need to begin hosting the perfect backyard get-togethers.

This article will offer an overview of everything you need to know to outfit your outdoor kitchen perfectly for summer barbecues, backyard parties, and more.

How Outdoor Kitchens Became So Popular

Before the COVID pandemic, most families’ experience with backyard barbecues was relatively limited. Some people broke out grills for reunions and birthday parties to flip some burgers, but few American households had full outdoor kitchens with everything required to host get-togethers of all sizes.

All that changed when the CDC recommended avoiding time indoors with anyone outside the household. Outdoor get-togethers became an ideal alternative to indoor dinner parties, families began planning outdoor dinners to get outside the house, and people across the country adopted a grilling-and-chilling mindset.

Thankfully, the dark days of the pandemic and all the restrictions that accompanied it are over. However, most people agree that the outdoor cooking craze is here to stay

Homeowners who started out with basic portable barbecue grills have had plenty of time to upgrade, and many have. Around three-quarters of US households own a grill or smoker, and the popularity of backyard barbecues continues to grow.

The Rise of the Blackstone Griddle Grill

The sales of all types of grills, griddles, pizza ovens, and other outdoor cooking essentials skyrocketed over the last few years. The Blackstone griddle did better than most, though.

The Blackstone Griddle is a multifunctional outdoor kitchen appliance that you can use not just for barbecuing but also for cooking, baking, and other uses. They come in different sizes, allowing homeowners to fit them into outdoor kitchen configurations even if they don’t have much space. Best of all, because they are gas appliances, Blackstone griddles are easy to use, clean, and maintain.

If you’re still shopping around for outdoor kitchen appliances, it’s worth investing in an affordable Blackstone griddle.

What Do People Put in an Outdoor Kitchen?

Outfitting an outdoor kitchen requires more than just buying a decent grill. If you’re starting from scratch, check out at least one planning guide before moving on to the purchasing phase. If you’re ready to go beyond the basics, keep reading to learn about fixtures, appliances, accessories, and more.

Grills and Griddles

The Blackstone griddle grill is just one option. You can also incorporate a built-in outdoor griddle to compliment your grill. Flat-top griddles are easy to use and versatile, so they’re good for any outdoor meal. Some people also install accessory grills like Kamado cookers. 

Pizza Ovens

Although pizza ovens aren’t as versatile as grills and griddles, many homeowners consider them must-have outdoor kitchen accessories. They’re perfect not just for hosting guests but also for family dinners. Everyone can get in on the fun, creating personal pizzas with any toppings and then baking them in the outdoor oven for a delicious, authentic pizza alfresco dinner.

Side Burners and Power Burners

Side burners are just like the ranges found on indoor ovens. You can use them for sauces, side dishes, and more. Power burners serve the same function but they’re large enough to use for things like shrimp or crawfish broils, corn, and even deep frying.

Coolers and Mini-Fridges

Few things are more refreshing on a hot summer day than an ice-cold beverage. For simple family meals, stick with a mini-fridge or beverage cooler, or invest in a specialized wine cooler or kegerator for adult get-togethers. Some people also install ice makers or ice bins.

Sinks and Storage

Having an outdoor kitchen plumbed in requires hiring a professional plumber, but it’s worth it for the bar sink alone. Installing a sink lets you keep everything on-site, including clean-up. Adding protected storage for dishes, drinkware, and serveware reduces potential hassles even more.

Grill Accessories

The top three grill accessories found in American kitchens are smoker boxes, rotisserie kits, and ceramic briquettes. These are all affordable upgrades that you’ll use often. Remember that your grill needs a rear infrared burner to use a standard rotisserie attachment.

Grill Utensils

You’ll have difficulty grilling without a specialized set of barbecue utensils. If all you plan to do with your grill is make burgers, you might be able to get away with just using tongs and a spatula, but why settle for less? Basting brushes, skewers, meat probes, and meat injectors can all kick your backyard grilling into higher gear.

What You Need to Serve Guests in Style

Having an outdoor kitchen isn’t just about cooking. You’ll also need to outfit yours with all the essentials required to serve guests in style. Unless you’re not too fond of your current set of dishes, it’s best to buy more durable plates, bowls, cups, and serveware for outdoor use.

Melamine dishes are a perfect option for outdoor kitchens because they are both versatile and stylish. You can find plates, bowls, serving platters, trays, and more in many colors, patterns, and designs, including everything from bright and informal to incredibly elegant.

When it comes to glasses, high-quality plastic is the best option. The problem with glass drinkware isn’t just that it breaks easily and can be dangerous. You also want tumblers and glasses durable enough to withstand the elements.

Ideally, you should outfit your outdoor kitchen with everything required to set tables and serve guests at any backyard function. You don’t want to worry about running back and forth from the indoor kitchen. Backyard barbecues and parties are supposed to be fun for everyone, including the host.

It’s Time to Get Grilling

Now that you’ve outfitted that new outdoor kitchen with all the right fixtures, appliances, accessories, utensils, and serveware, there’s just one thing left to do. Start planning your first backyard dinner, barbecue, or party of the season now to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.