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The Color of Your Dinnerware Says a Lot

The Color of Your Dinnerware Says a Lot - bzyoo

Black Dinnerware

It may be surprising to learn that black dinnerware is a popular selection among dieters. Black dinnerware gives the impression of more substantial and luxurious portions. If you are trying to cut back on calories, black plates may help you feel more content with less. 

Do black dishes show scratches? Many people choose black plates because they do not show scratches from metal utensils. Black dinnerware offers a striking appearance at the table and allows you to use any accent color. 

White Dinnerware

White dinnerware is a classic and remains one of the most popular choices. Because white dinnerware is timeless, it will stay in vogue forever. You will not have to worry about buying new dinnerware to keep up with the latest trends. 

Like black, white dinnerware also provides a perfect backdrop for other colors. Add reds, yellows, golds, and even blues to the mix for a beautiful look. 

Red Dinnerware

There is a reason so many restaurants incorporate red into their design schemes. Psychologists have discovered red makes people hungry. Red plates may be the answer if you have trouble getting children to eat their food each night, red plates may be the answer. 

Red is a rich color that invokes passion. Red dinnerware may not be the best choice for those trying to watch their waists by eating less. Red brings warmth to your table and kitchen.

Earthy Toned Dinnerware

Earth tones may not be as popular as other options, but they showcase food in a wholesome, nutritious, and appealing way. Earth tones include sage green, dark brown, and clay colors. This dinnerware color portrays a sense of environmental consciousness. Earth tones provide a neutral backdrop to nutritious food selections. 

Pastel Toned Dinnerware

Pastels have made a comeback over the years after being very popular in the 1950s. Pastel dinnerware offers a fun retro look that makes food more inviting. These plates make family members and guests feel more at home and ready to devour a delicious meal. 

Yellow Dinnerware

Yellow is one of those bright sunshiny colors that brings warmth and smiles to tables. Yellow is a bold color that shines bright among any design scheme. You may be surprised to learn yellow dinnerware is also used to help encourage dementia patients to eat more. Yellow dinnerware is also commonly used to serve children. 

Patterned Rimmed Dinnerware

Patterns come and go in popularity. Patterned rims give a rustic or elegant twist to an otherwise boring plate, depending on the pattern. Many people purchase patterned plates to complement specific dishes, such as pasta. 

Does the Color of Your Plate Really Impact Your Appetite?

In addition to yellow and red making people eat more, there is another fact to learn. Psychologists have said people also consume more food when there is a color contrast between the dinnerware and food. For instance, white rice on a black plate. Cornell University released a study that showed people ate up to 22% more food when there was a color contrast. 

There Is No Right or Wrong Dinnerware Color

After perusing the information above, you may be concerned about selecting the wrong color, but do not let any steadfast rule be your guide. Although the color of dinnerware has an impact on how you perceive food, it can also bring a smile. 

Choose dinnerware colors that speak to you. If you cannot choose one color, pick out a few different dinnerware sets and enjoy them at will. Dinnerware colors should be an expression of the owners and should offer an insight into their personalities. Do not be afraid of color, but embrace it fully.