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A Guide to Table Setting For Every Occasion

A Guide to Table Setting For Every Occasion - bzyoo

If you love entertaining and hosting parties, then you know the importance of proper table setting.

Formal table setting is an art that has been around since ancient times. How you style your table and set your dinnerware can set the mood of your party and enhance the appearance of the food served.

Formal dinnerware collections come with many pieces, and knowing where to position each piece on the table is important.

So let's break out the china and learn how to set the table for your next party.

Casual Table Setting

Casual Table Setting

A dinner party with family or friends may not always require a formal table setting. But just because you're opting for a more casual style doesn't mean you shouldn't add personal touches. Go stylish on centerpieces, place cards, tablecloths, or whatever you want your personal touch to be.

Setting the table casually involves:

  • The dinner plate goes in the center of a placemat (if using one)
  • Salad plates are found above the plate
  • Forks are on the left; first, the dinner, then the salad fork
  • Knives, followed by spoons, are on the plate's right
  • Above the knife is the water glass and next to it, to the right, is the wine glass
  • Napkins go underneath the forks or are placed on the plates

Formal Table Setting

Holidays or special events are when we like to go all out when setting the table. Placing cards, cloth napkins, and napkin rings will add to the table's elegance. So how to set the table for your formal event?

  • Use a fine and crisp tablecloth that will make the table look fancy
  • Center the dinner plate and add a salad plate on top
  • Bread plates go to the left and above the dinner plate, while the butter knife is horizontal to the bread plate
  • The dinner fork is on the plate's left, followed by the salad fork
  • Knives are placed on the right side of the plate, followed further right by the spoon
  • A dessert spoon is placed above the dinner plate, horizontally
  • The water glass goes in the upper right corner closest to the guest, followed by the wine glass
  • Cloth napkins and rings are found on the salad plate
  • Write the guest's name on both sides of a place card and place it above the dessert spoon
  • The coffee cup and saucer are set below the glasses

Other Table Setting Rules

There are other types of setting the table that you can learn about when the time comes. What is important to remember is that the table should be set only with utensils that will be used during the dinner. Always place the utensils in the order that guests will use them.

Remember that the cutting edge should always face the dinner plate when placing the knives. And forks go on the left, but the oyster fork is the only one placed on the right.

Premium Dinnerware Collections For Your Next Dinner Party

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