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Rise of Microweddings and Ways You Can Keep the Costs Down

Rise of Microweddings and Ways You Can Keep the Costs Down - bzyoo

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. Unfortunately, the costs of weddings are skyrocketing, and some couples are putting off the “I Dos” because they cannot afford the extravagance. Thankfully, there are many ways to cut costs and enjoy a beautiful and classy wedding. 

Microweddings are becoming increasingly popular. These weddings are much smaller, scaled down to around 20 guests, and have a much shorter and simpler timeline. Fewer guests and shortened weddings mean savings for the couple. Saving money is advantageous and prevents couples from starting their lives together in debt. 

Tips for Keeping Wedding Costs Down

Some people plan outlandish weddings with hundreds of guests, huge receptions, and expensive venues. If you can afford all that, then enjoy the planning process. If you are like most people, the cost of such a wedding is out of reach. There are many ways to cut costs and make weddings more affordable, from the champagne flutes to the venue.

Melamine Dishes: Consider Reusing Wedding Components

Some brides and grooms do not think about reusing their wedding components to save money on starting their new lives, but it is an excellent option. Couples should consider the dishes they serve their guests carefully. 

Melamine dishes can last decades, making them perfect for use throughout the couple’s lives. Couples should consider using neutral melamine dishes that will complement any style they choose throughout their married lives. Melamine dishes are affordable and offer the following benefits. 

  • These dishes are practically unbreakable so they are perfect for use by everyone at weddings. 
  • Melamine dishes feel and look like high-end porcelain so no one will know you cut corners on the cost. 
  • These dishes are BPA-free and safe for everyone. 
  • They can be used for indoor and outdoor wedding receptions. 
  • Melamine dishes are simple to clean and resistant to staining.

Get Creative Regarding the Venue

One of the most significant expenses for weddings is booking the venue. Although some people think the location is most important, there are cheap or even free venues everywhere. 

Get married in your backyard, at the beach, in a small church, or even at a small restaurant. Think creatively and outside of the box. Compare your budget to the costs of each venue. Most couples spend around 37% of their budgets on venues. You do not have to go this high. 

Save on the Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is another significant expense. Consider wearing your mom’s or grandmother’s dress. Make your own. Shop at a wedding gown outlet. 

There is nothing wrong with the classic look of flowing wedding dresses and long trailing veils, but today’s brides are branching out and wearing many dresses for their weddings, even those not deemed for matrimony. Some brides save money on their gowns by shopping for used ones. 

Make a Budget and Stick to It

One of the most common mistakes people make when planning a wedding is deviating from their budgets. You need to plan the budget first and stick with the numbers. 

Some couples get a little sad when they cannot afford a big wedding, but think about this, many couples who have extravagant marriages face divorce. Divorces frequently happen because of financial stress. Keep the costs low, and lower the stress. 

Shave the Guest List

One of the easiest and most difficult ways to save money is by cutting down on the guests. Microweddings only have about 20 guests attending. Some people find it challenging to cut their guests to such a small number because they have so many family members. 

Couples should talk to those that do not make the cut and explain the budget needs. Most people will understand. You can always throw a special wedding party later for those who did not attend. 

Consider a Town Hall Wedding

Town hall weddings are not everyone’s cup of tea, but the costs are minimal. Couples can get married at Town Hall and plan a special reception with family and friends afterward. 

Many couples have a Town Hall wedding first and later go bigger when they have established themselves financially and have more money. There is nothing wrong with starting small. 

Save on the Glassware and Plates

Some people think they have to purchase the best crystal for their weddings. While champagne flutes might be a must, there are cheaper options that keep the event classy.

Plastic champagne flutes and melamine plates can cut down on costs dramatically. Best of all, these flutes and dishes can last a lifetime with proper use.

Melamine dishes are available in a wide array of colors and patterns, making them perfect for any wedding. Because these are chip-proof, they will remain a beautiful addition to your home for many years. 

Consider a Winter Wedding

Many people get married in spring, but the fall is a popular time too. Wedding venues are often costlier in the busy seasons. Planning a wedding in the winter could help you save money on the venue cost and other services. 

Because January through March is considered the off-season, couples can save money and even haggle for better rates. Never feel ashamed to ask for a deal. You may be surprised at the outcome. 

Choose the Right Day of the Week

Another way to save is to select unpopular days of the week. Saturday is the most popular day to get married. There is no steadfast rule that says you cannot get married any day of the week. 

Consider a midweek wedding. You can get married on Tuesday or Wednesday and save money. Think about the various options and choose one that will save you the most. 

Ask About the Venue’s Resources

Some venues provide many resources, including tables, chairs, linens, serving platters, and other items. Ask about the available resources before booking a wedding at the venue. 

Using the venue’s resources will cut down on the wedding costs. Renting or buying these items becomes expensive, and some couples cannot afford the expense and forgo a reception. 

Print the Wedding Invitations

Having a printer make your wedding invitations can become expensive. Printing them yourself cuts down on the costs and gives you the freedom to get creative. 

There are downloadable templates available, and some of them are free. Couples can save $200 or more by printing their wedding invitations themselves. 

Create Your Wedding Budget Now

One of the many mistakes couples make when planning to wed is having a fluid budget. To save money, the budget must be written in stone and followed exactly. 

Talk it out as a couple and determine what is essential to each other. Do you want to make sure everyone is there? Does he want a fabulous venue? By talking about the budget and getting input from each other, you can create a plan that is easy to stick to throughout the planning process. 

Planning a wedding can get expensive, but it does not have to break the bank. Consider the options above for saving money on your wedding.