Best Dishes to Partner Up with Your Pasta Bowl

Best Dishes to Partner Up with Your Pasta Bowl - bzyoo

Your favorite pasta bowls can accommodate more than just fusilli. Granted, your pasta bowl can be safely used to hold some of your preferred kinds of pasta—from linguini to pappardelle, but you can also use them to serve many more dishes.

You can think of a pasta bowl as a cross between a plate and a bowl. Given that the base of the pasta bowl is flat and not slightly curved, you can easily serve different kinds of dishes in it, like salads, broths, rice, and more.

Continue reading to uncover more creative ways to use your pasta bowl. Plus, we’ll let you know where to find the best pasta bowls and dinnerware to stun the guests at your next dinner party.

The Basics of a Pasta Bowl

Pasta bowls are shallow, wide, and low plates with higher walls. In essence, pasta bowls are neither plates nor bowls but a mix of both. While the base of the pasta bowl is rather large and flat, the walls can be either slightly sloped or follow a straight line from the bottom up.

Their design makes them a neat choice for storing liquid dishes as well as grainy meals. The walls' height and curvature make pasta bowls spill-resistant, so you can easily serve your fave broth without fear of staining your table runner.

Coming in many colors and materials, a pasta bowl can serve you for a long time; you just have to maintain it properly.

Dishes to Try in Pasta Bowls

A good pasta bowl will cradle everything from saucy meals to itsy-bitsy ingredients. If you’re creative enough in the kitchen and enjoy experimenting with presentation styles and different serving aesthetics, here are a few ideas for you.

Saucy Toasts

Saucy Toasts

You can pair a piece of toast with your preferred sauce and serve it in your go-to pasta bowl. The base of the bowl is wide enough to hold the toast and tall enough so that the sauce doesn’t spill over the sides.

Make your fave sauce, place the crispy toast inside the bowl and spoon some of the sauce over. Enjoy your staple dish without fear of drips.

Chinese Food

Pasta bowls make the best Chinese food plates/bowls because it keeps all the flavorful sauces from spilling. A shallow pasta bowl is actually perfect for meal or veggie dishes that come with sauces.

You can consume the juicy Chinese dish in your preferred pasta bowl and worry not your enjoyment will be cut short by spills or drips.

Thanksgiving Dishes

Wide-mouthed pasta bowls make the ideal dinnerware for abundant Thanksgiving dinners. You can use your pasta bowl to stock up on yams and gravy without worrying the plate won’t hold all the goodness inside.

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