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Best Insta-worthy Dinnerware Sets of 2022

Best Insta-worthy Dinnerware Sets of 2022 - bzyoo

You’re likely part of 90% of US buyers who prefer to purchase casual dinnerware. But perhaps you’ve decided to buy something more stylish to add a bit of flare to your meals.

And if you fall into the picky-shopper category, our options today can cater to even the fussiest of the bunch.

Below, we provide a list of elegantly decorated dinnerware set options. They’re made of durable melamine and are worthy of your dinner table and Instagram profile!

12pc Decorated Melamine Plate & Bowl Dinnerware Set

This decorated dinnerware set consists of 12 items made of 100% highest-quality melamine.

Melamine is more durable than ceramic, and the 12 pieces are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The collection can serve up to four people and includes four dinner plates accompanied by salad plates and bowls.

Each item is much lighter than its ceramic counterparts and can serve various dishes - from snacks and pasta to salads and soup.

You can get this neat-looking dinnerware set here!

12pc Desert Craft Melamine Plate & Bowl Dinnerware Set

12pc Desert Craft Melamine Plate & Bowl Dinnerware Set

The 12-piece desert craft dinnerware set is an ideal choice for any indoor or outdoor dinner sit-down or if you’re looking for something to match the warm color pattern in your home.

The set is made of durable, high-quality, and toxin-free melamine that is scratch-resistant and safe to clean in a dishwasher.

You can get this set here!

12pc Reactive Melamine Plate & Bowl Dinnerware Set

This 12-item set is excellent for a four-person sit-down, either indoor or outdoor. The items come in faint and soft shades of reactive blue, green, purple, pink, and amber and are designed from top-grade, BPA- and toxin-free melamine.

The set’s elegant color palettes allow you to fine-tune it with your existing tablecloths or dinnerware designs to generate a more ornate yet homogenous appearance.

Get yours here!

Find Your Unique Decorated Dinnerware Set at Bzyoo!

Creating stylish dinner sets is a way of enjoying the small things in life. It also gives you bragging rights on Instagram.

As the years go by, you realize the value of a neat and matching set of dinnerware in bringing small satisfaction and a bit of order to an otherwise hectic and disorderly day-to-day life. At Bzyoo, we help you re-create that familiar fuzzy and warm feeling of home with top-quality dinnerware sets for all occasions.

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