How to Stock a Home Bar: Is Glass a Must?

How to Stock a Home Bar: Is Glass a Must? - bzyoo

Back in the 1940s, home bars began an incredible climb to fame. That lasted through the ‘50s and ‘60s as friendly gatherings, dinner parties, and celebrating special occasions became increasingly chic, sophisticated affairs. Though in-home bars lost their luster for a few decades, they’re now back with a vengeance. 

These days, home bars are more popular than ever. They’re also more diverse. You’ll even find an endless selection of home bar kits on the market to help fully customize your entertainment area. Whether you have a luxurious mahogany bar built into your home or choose a stainless steel kit to accompany your outdoor kitchen, stocking it with the right drinkware and accessories is essential. 

What Types of Drinkware Belong in a Home Bar?

That being said, a vast selection of drinkware options is now available. Glasses come in countless styles, colors, shapes, and materials, many of which aren’t actually made of glass at all. Are those alternative types of drinkware suitable, or is glass a must? 

Though glass is the traditional material for bar drinkware, it’s not necessarily the only proper choice at this point. Plastic highball glasses, single and double rocks, shot glasses, snifters, and even champagne flutes are perfectly acceptable. They’re even recommended over glass in many situations. 


Why Choose Plastic Drinkware for a Bar?

Plastic drinkware is a wonderful choice for a home bar. It comes in numerous colors, patterns, and designs, all of which can add flair to your entertainment area. Translucent versions can even allow the beautiful colors of mixed drinks, fruit juices, and other beverages to shine through. Those are only a couple of factors to consider.

  • Durability - Glass is notoriously fragile. That’s not an ideal trait to have when adult beverages are flowing freely. At the same time, glasses tend to get slippery when they’re filled with cold drinks. In situations where they’re likely to be dropped or tipped over, plastic would be the better alternative.

  • Longevity - Plastic glasses last a long time as well. As mentioned, they’re not easy to break. They don’t chip or crack the way glass drinkware does. They don’t succumb to scratches, either. They’re bound to last longer than glassware, especially in the face of repeated use. That’s particularly true of sturdy, high-quality versions like those made of styrene acrylonitrile resin.

  • Affordability - Plastic drinkware is also a bit more affordable than glassware. Though cheap glass drinkware is certainly available, you get what you pay for. Those pieces may shatter in the dishwasher. Sudden temperature changes, like those that may occur when you fill them with frozen drinks, could cause them to crack as well. Plastic can handle those hazards. 

Plastic cups and glasses are great for indoor home bars, but they’re also a perfect choice for outdoor entertaining. Having someone break a glass poolside, or even worse, in the pool, could make for a dangerous situation. Furthermore, you don’t want to spend an entire party or family gathering cleaning up glass rather than enjoying time with your guests. 

When it’s time to deal with the aftermath of a party, plastic drinkware is easy to clean, so you don’t have to put a great deal of work into the process. You can store it in an outdoor bar or kitchen without worrying about damage from temperature changes, sudden shifts, and other dangers that might damage glass. Since it’s incredibly durable and long-lasting, you can always count on it being there for your next event.

When Is Glass a Better Choice?

Though plastic offers several benefits, glass certainly has its place in a home bar. Decorative decanters should be made of glass. These are elegant and often intricate pieces, and the material they’re made of should reflect that aspect. 

As noted earlier, glass is also the traditional material of choice for drinkware. It evokes a certain amount of nostalgia. Some people prefer the feel of glass in their hands as they’re sipping wine or gorgeous, fruity mixed drinks. 

Furthermore, glass gives off more of a high-end air than plastic. It’s a more suitable choice for formal occasions. It’s also the best option for serving an expensive scotch or a super-premium whiskey. Besides that, if someone wants a heated shot or a flaming cocktail, you probably wouldn’t want to light that drink on fire in plastic. Though quality plastic drinkware can withstand high temperatures, exposing it to an open flame isn’t recommended. 

Stocking Your Bar With the Right Drinkware

Home bars are now as diverse as the people who seek them out. There’s an equally varied selection of drinkware on the market to stock them with. It’s best to have a nice mix of both glass and plastic drinkware on hand. For outdoor parties and informal gatherings, plastic is the way to go. For formal gatherings, high-end beverages, and decorative decanters, glass is a better choice.