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Get Your Portions Under Control with The Right Plates and Bowls

Get Your Portions Under Control with The Right Plates and Bowls - bzyoo

Many individuals focus on improving their health and trimming their waistlines by controlling their portion sizes. Around 38% of adults in the United States admit to overeating. Half of this percentage overindulges regularly, and the culprit is often stress.

The National Institutes of Health warns around 300,000 people will die each year from obesity. Thankfully, scientists have found a simple solution that helps people reduce their portion size. Eating from smaller melamine plates allows people to eat less without feeling deprived. 

Scientific Research Proves Smaller Dishes Lead to Decreased Food Consumption

Perhaps it is a trick of the mind, but scientists have proven people who use smaller plates and dishes eat more than those who use larger versions. Brian Wansink, a highly respected social psychologist, and Koert van Ittersum, a marketing researcher, decided to experiment using an ice cream social. 

The pair invited 85 nutritional experts to the ice cream party, giving some 17-ounce bowls and others 34-ounce versions. The research team also offered two sizes of ice cream scoops, one only two ounces and one three ounces.  

Each participant filled their bowl, and all but three finished their entire bowl of ice cream. The two study leads weighed each bowl and had participants complete a survey. 

Wansink and Ittersum found the results astounding. Those with larger bowls ate up to 30% more ice cream at the party. Participants who had smaller scoops, despite their bowl size, ended up eating 14% less than those with larger scoops. Participants with large bowls and scoops consumed up to 50% more ice cream than others. 

None of the participants were aware they were in an experiment. Surveys revealed those with smaller bowls felt they had served themselves more ice cream than those with larger bowls. 

Why Do Smaller Melamine Dishes Help You Eat Less?

Most people base their portion sizes on the size of their plates. A full plate seems more satisfying and filling. The larger the plate, the more food people will fill it with. 

From childhood, most people have learned to clean their plates. With current food shortages, this is more critical than ever. Cleaning their plates after eating from a small dish means consuming less food than a larger one. 

Melamine Dishes Help You Eat Smaller Portions

Those trying to cut down on the amount of food they eat will find melamine dishes are perfect. These dishes are available in multiple sizes, including 8-inch, 12-inch, and 20-inch. There are also other sizes available for those who need further options. 

In the past, 10.5 inches was the standard size for most dinner plates. Many restaurants now serve on plates 12 inches in diameter. An increase in plate size directly correlates with how much one eats. 

Choose a melamine plate around eight to nine inches to reduce your portion sizes. This smaller plate size will help people eat less without feeling deprived. The smaller plate tricks your mind into believing you are consuming more food than you are. 

How Does the Color of Melamine Dishes Impact How Much You Eat?

In addition to selecting the right size of melamine dishes, you also need to consider the color. Color plays a significant role in how much people eat. Many restaurants use color to increase hunger. These establishments want you to order a lot of food and continue eating more. 

Red is an intense color that brings on great hunger. Many fast-food chains incorporate red into their designs to tempt customers into ordering and consuming more food. 

Yellow is also known to increase appetite. Nursing homes often use red and yellow melamine plates, bowls, and cups to encourage residents to eat. Alzheimer’s patients eat up to 24% more food when served on brightly colored dishes like yellow and red, according to Boston University. 

Those attempting to lose weight or control portion size should stick to less vivid colors. Thankfully, melamine dishes are available in many colors and patterns, making it simple to find one that helps curb your portions. 

Blue melamine plates are ideal for portion control. Few natural food sources are blue, so the mind and stomach disassociate themselves when using blue dishes. Blue acts as an appetite depressant and can help you control the amount you are eating, especially when you use a smaller blue melamine plate. 

Other colors that can help suppress your appetite include purple, gray, brown, and black. You should avoid red, yellow, orange, and green because these invoke feelings of hunger that may make you eat more food. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Melamine Plates?

In addition to their size and color options, melamine plates offer many benefits. If you have never owned them, consider the benefits of melamine dish sets below. 

  • These dishes can last decades and are practically unbreakable. They are the perfect addition to your journey of getting healthier. 
  • Melamine dishes look and feel like fine porcelain, so every meal can feel like a fancy indulgence without overeating.
  • These dishes are food-safe and BPA-free. You can eat healthy meals without worrying about being exposed to nasty chemicals. 
  • You can use these dishes indoors or outdoors. You can even take them on the go to plan your meals so you do not succumb to unhealthy choices. 
  • Melamine plates are easy to clean and resist staining. Eat all the healthy veggies you want without causing discoloration. 
  • These dishes are also affordable and pay for themselves many times over. 

Smaller Plates Lead to Smaller Waists

Whether you want to eat less because of food shortages, better health, weight loss, or all three, choosing smaller plates is a simple way to achieve your goals. Eating from a smaller plate tricks the eyes. You will consume much less but never feel deprived. 

Smaller plates naturally hold less food. If you must clean your plate at every meal, a smaller melamine dish can make a significant difference in how much food you consume. 

Melamine dish sets are beautiful, vibrant, and practically break-proof. A full selection of these dishes will ensure every meal is a delight to the eyes and your waistline.