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Durable Dinnerware: Which Material Makes the Longest-Lasting Dinnerware?

Durable Dinnerware: Which Material Makes the Longest-Lasting Dinnerware? - bzyoo

Sometimes, the most beautiful things can also be the most fragile. Sadly, the same seems to apply to dinnerware when favorite chinaware patterns get shattered from slippery fingers or getting knocked over. 

But Byzoo proves that beauty and durability can go hand in hand by using solid materials for our signature dinnerware designs. 

Which Materials Are Most Durable for Dinnerware?

Many different materials are known for their shatter-proof and enduring qualities, but which are the most ideal, dependable components that can make robust and reliable dinnerware?

  • Melamine

Melamine is at the top of the list for economical but solid, durable material. It’s a type of resin compound that scientists had specially developed to be nearly shatter-proof. If you accidentally drop a melamine plate, it’s likely going to remain whole. 

It’s also incredibly light while being strong. Think of it like a spiderweb—it looks delicate but is strong enough to maintain structural integrity. The lightness makes melamine dinnerware easier to carry, whether you’re loading plates or serving up dishes.

  • Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN)

SAN is another well-known sturdy compound for making dinnerware. It has many similar properties to melamine. Like melamine, it’s strong and durable and is also heat and scratch-resistant. It’s another great choice for dinnerware, especially if you’ll be serving a lot of food as it can withstand the stress.

The only downside to SAN is that it may yellow more quickly than other forms of plastic. However, this is avoided by using it mixed with other materials that don’t yellow as quickly.

  • Porcelain and China

By far, this material is the most common material used for dinnerware. Compared to other types of “chinaware” types, it’s the most affordable variety. A low-end porous porcelain piece of dinnerware is roughly around $6.00 for a plate, while a high-end piece of bone china can go as much as $27.00 for the same size plate.

Chinaware is the best known and considered “classic” dinnerware. This is the most common type you might find in department stores and shopping centers. The material is much-beloved as it’s resistant to thermal shock and has great insulation.

  • Stoneware

Stoneware is considered a “ceramic” type of material to make dinnerware with. Like porcelain, it’s an affordable option but much more durable than earthenware. Stoneware is so hard and durable because it’s often mixed in with vitreous glass material.

The kind of performance that stoneware dinnerware offers is better for casual dining. It’s versatile and safe in the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer. However, it’s not advisable to use it for sudden temperature changes. Which means you’ll have to be mindful of the temperature of what you put on it.

  • Glass
  • Frequently used in bars and restaurants, glass makes a sophisticated, sparkling appearance. It looks aesthetically pleasing with any meal. However, as everyone knows, glass can be incredibly fragile. Even some glass dinnerware and drinkware that advertise drop-safe qualities could shatter if they land the wrong way.

    One alternative is to use vitrified glass, which, unlike clear glass, is opaque. It’s also nonporous, so it doesn’t stain easily. And most of all, it’s very durable. This comes from the special laminate placed on it that prevents breakage and shattering. However, it’s not as common as regular glassware and is more expensive. Unless you specifically look for it, most of your options are non-laminated glass tableware. 

    • Earthenware

    This is the least durable on the list, although it is undoubtedly the most attractive one. Earthenware is a common ceramic material, and it has to be baked in a kiln to harden. Furthermore, it’s not watertight—it needs to be glazed before you can use it for liquids. And it’s absolutely not ideal to leave earthenware soaked in liquid for prolonged periods. That means putting it in the dishwasher is out of the question.

    It’s usually popular because of its appearance; earthenware is rustic dinnerware that is loveliest when hand-made. However, it’s not durable like the others on this list. So, while it’s an attractive material, it will not last long, and you certainly can’t accidentally drop it.

    Get the Right Dinnerware Made with Durable Materials

    Choosing the suitable material for your dinnerware is essential: it ensures the safety of the food you eat, how long your dinnerware lasts, and how resistant it is to accidents. Invest in high-quality, beautiful tableware that lasts for years. Visit the Byzoo online shop today.