6 Great Dinnerware Ideas to Enhance Your Dining Experience

6 Great Dinnerware Ideas to Enhance Your Dining Experience - bzyoo

Nothing gets your family or guests excited for a good meal like a beautifully set table. If you don’t have the right dinnerware set, however, meals can seem drab. Visual aesthetics are integral to a good dining experience, and your food, delicious as it is, won’t be enjoyed as much if there’s nothing to brighten the table up.

Enhance your dining experience by incorporating some of these ideas into your dinnerware collection.

  1. Use cake stands

When it’s time for dessert and you’re serving cake, you want it to stand out. A cake stand is the perfect way to showcase it and have it take center stage.

That said, it’s not like you’re having cake on a daily basis. However, you can use cake stands for a variety of different foods. Tiered cake stands are particularly good for displaying biscuits, pastries, other confections, or fruit.

There are also several ways to use cake stands for decorative purposes. You could turn it into a plant stand or tea station. Any small decorative pieces could also be placed on and grouped together with a cake stand to form a wonderful centerpiece.

  1. Invest in good plates

While they may not be centerpieces, your plates take up quite a lot of visual space on the table. Without some good plates, your dinnerware set can look rather lackluster, even if the other pieces are attractive.

White porcelain is a good, safe choice, you’ll want something else to provide your table with some color. There are also hundreds of available decorated plate designs. Just be sure to pick something that goes well with the rest of your table setting.

If you want something minimalistic but impactful, try lettered plates. Plain plates with lettering designs will go well with almost anything while still being visually interesting. If you’re using lettered glass plates, be sure to use place mats that won’t make the writing hard to read.

  1. Try other materials

Ceramic is great, but it doesn’t have any notable decorative qualities. Their aesthetics are, in large part, due to how they’re pigmented. Try dinnerware made of other materials with interesting textures and properties.

In terms of quality, bone china dinnerware is one of the best. It’s durable, lightweight, chip-resistant, and they have a beautiful translucent quality that gives your dining table an air of elegance. Match them up with cutlery with refined aesthetics to complement them.

Stoneware is another great choice. Stoneware dinnerware uses a finishing glaze that gives it a smooth look. They also have a good weight and are typically thicker than other dinnerware, and some may find the tactile experience of using them pleasant.

gold cutlery

  1. Gilded patterns

If you want a posh aesthetic for your dining table, dinnerware with gilded patterns will give it an elegant and luxurious look. Gilded patterns mix and match well, and a set of them will add a warm brilliance to your dining experience.

Be careful with what you pair gilded dinnerware with. They can be visually overwhelming if combined with other attention-grabbing table setting pieces. It can also look awkward if the cutlery isn’t of good quality, so use good silver or brass cutlery.

  1. Incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year 2022

Each year, Pantone selects a color to represent a year’s prevailing attitude. For 2022, they chose Very Peri, a periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones. It exudes feelings of joy, creativity, imagination, and it’s a lovely color for sprucing up your dining table.

If you’re looking for dinnerware with Very Peri hues, Bzyoo has a number of high-quality products:

These are sure to brighten the mood at your dining table.

  1. Add black

Too few people use black in their table settings. Black or partially black dinnerware pops out when combined with lighter colors and adds visual weight to the table. It also goes well with just about every other color, so you only have to worry about whether the design and finish goes well with your other pieces.

Black dinnerware can also greatly enhance your food’s look. Black bowls, for example, can make clear soup look like it has more depth or make colorful foods seem brighter and more appetizing.

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