Different Ways to Utilize Your Pasta Bowl

Different Ways to Utilize Your Pasta Bowl - bzyoo

If you have a favorite pasta dish, it would be a waste to use it solely for servings of creamy, luscious carbonara. For instance, you can make a bowl of chicken soup and serve it in a flat-based, wide-mouthed pasta bowl and see how neat it is.

From grainy ingredients to sauces and parmesan gratings, pasta bowls can come in handy whenever you want to spice up your food presentation. Different types of food like gravies, sauces, toppings, broths, and salads can be perfectly displayed in a pasta dish.

Besides the food, you can use your pasta plate as a decorative centerpiece, and we’ll show you how.

Food & Pasta Bowl Combos

Besides your preferred pasta type, you can let your imagination run wild and use pasta bowls for other types of food. From broths to salads to blue cheese gratings, there are practically countless ways to use a pasta bowl.

Use It for Salads

Use It for Salads

If you enjoy having dinner alone or solely with one other person, you won’t have to dust off the old salad bowl just for the two of you. Instead, get a bowl you use for pasta and mix up all of the salad ingredients.

There should be plenty of room at the base of the bowl to spread out the ingredients while allowing you to add balsamico or olive oil at the top.

Pasta Bowls Make Great Soup Bowls

The slightly arched walls of a pasta bowl are at the ideal height to offer protection against spillage when serving soup. Whether you prefer to have your soup hot or lukewarm, pasta bowls can withstand the temperature.

Broths, soups, or potage–you can try it all in your pasta dish. You’ll probably never go back to regular soup bowls again!

Chinese Food Fits Pasta Bowls Like a Glove

If you love Chinese but aren’t particularly happy with wrangling through your food to contain the sauce in one place, then use a pasta bowl instead and see the difference.

The shape and design of pasta bowls are perfect for serving saucy dishes like Chinese food. Dumplings, Chow Mein, or Wonton soup–you name it!

Non-Food Uses for Pasta Bowls

Besides using a pasta bowl for salads or dumplings, you can use it as a decorative item to spice up your home or outdoor area. In fact, a lot of artists use ceramic low plates and pasta bowls to create handmade centerpieces.

Moreover, you can upcycle your old pasta dish as a key bowl you can place near the front door. That way, you’ll be sure your keys and trinkets won’t fall over the bowl even if you toss them.

Old pasta bowls can be repurposed for landscaping enhancements. You can fill a pasta dish with river pebbles or decorative stones and place it among any garden features you have.

Or, you can add a chunky candle in the middle of the pebble-filled pasta bowl and use it as a centerpiece on your patio for a romantic night with your loved one.

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