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Common Misconceptions About Melamine Dinnerware Sets

Common Misconceptions About Melamine Dinnerware Sets - bzyoo

Dinnerware has been an essential component of human communities since ancient times. Ceramic food and water containers have been used since 9,000 BC and some of them were decorated with geometric motifs. For thousands of years, ceramic was the primary material for creating dinnerware.

However, melamine, another fascinating material, entered the tableware industry in the mid-20th century. Since it’s a newer material, there have been many myths surrounding melamine dinnerware sets. Continue reading to debunk the most popular ones.

Myth #1: Melamine Dinnerware Set Is Not Classy

Many people believe that melamine is not classy enough, and the material’s more affordable price only fuels this type of argument. However, today’s melamine tableware is not the same as it was 70 years ago.

There is a broad variety of melamine dinnerware sets, each with its unique design and characteristics. From geometric and abstract patterns to marble-imitating designs, a melamine dinnerware set can easily give you the classy look you are going for.

Myth #2: Melamine Dinnerware Is Not Safe

Because melamine is a type of plastic, some people think that it’s not safe to use it as dinnerware. However, melamine dinnerware is safe and unlike regular plastic, you can reuse it many times.

In the Safety and Risk Assessment of Melamine, the FDA found this plastic safe for usage unless you place food heated at over 160 degrees. In this case, the melamine chemicals might mix with your food.

Myth #3: You Can’t Put Melamine In the Dishwasher

Even though melamine dinnerware has impeccable temperature resistance, it’s still not advisable to put it in the microwave or oven. This has led people to believe that melamine tableware is also not dishwasher-safe.

However, this is far from the truth, as you can put your chic melamine plates in the dishwasher without causing any damage. In fact, most melamine tableware can handle much higher temperatures than those used by your dishwasher. Plus, melamine dries faster than other materials.

Myth #4: Melamine Dinnerware Can’t Break

Most people think that melamine dinnerware is exceptionally durable. They are not wrong! Melamine plates and cups are tough to break and crack, especially when compared to ceramic ones.

However, this doesn’t mean they are a magical piece of dinnerware that will never break. Even though they have high break resistance, they will chip and crack if you don’t take care of them properly. But at the same time, they are more practical and safer to use than ceramic or glass.

Style Up Your Life With Bzyoo

Whether you are opening up a restaurant or are simply looking to spice up your kitchen, a melamine dinnerware set is a great solution. To make the most out of your new tableware, choose reliable and modern manufacturers.

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