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The Benefits of Melamine Dinnerware Collections

The Benefits of Melamine Dinnerware Collections - bzyoo

Choosing your new dinnerware may sometimes seem overwhelming because of all the available choices. Materials, colors, shapes, sizes, practical, formal - the list is endless. Our ancestors indeed had it easy when their only choice was a flat piece of stone or their palm used as a dish.

Today, the list of materials that dinnerware collections are made of is endless. The one that ranks high on the list of most favorable dinnerware materials is melamine—a practical alternative to ceramic and porcelain and, at the same time, very stylish. Let’s see why melamine is a top choice for dinnerware products.

Excellent Choice for Entertaining

Because of its versatile nature, melamine dishware is suitable for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. Don’t worry about broken or chipped plates at your next party or event, as those naughty kids won't be a threat to your favorite dish set.

Durable and Unbreakable

Melamine will give you peace of mind if you have a large family or many kids at your parties or events. The dinnerware is virtually unbreakable and comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes - a durable material that is a blessing for kid-friendly settings. However, it is important to avoid exposing the material to heat from ovens and microwaves to avoid damaging the material.

A Food-safe Material

The FDA considers melamine to be food-safe material for everyday use. When purchasing melamine products, be sure to ask that they are BPA-free certified products. The BPA stands for the industrial chemical bisphenol used in certain plastics and resins. Your food should be served on dishes containing zero harmful chemicals.

Easy to Clean

If you dislike cleaning up after a party and washing delicate dishes by hand, no need to worry! Melamine products are dishwasher-safe and non-porous. It is a material that dries fast that can be used every day.

The Porcelain and Ceramic Look

Being improved over the years, Q Squared melamine starts in a powder form which is then pressed and heated to turn it into a more durable product. Made of 100% high-grade melamine, the Q Squared melamine is more substantial and stronger. Hand-polishing the plate gives it a high-gloss porcelain look.

A Stylish Dinnerware

Melamine offers an endless choice of possibilities regarding colors and patterns. Choose the color that matches the color tones present in your house. Select a classic design, or go bold and choose bright colors and unique shapes and patterns to add a dash of your personality at the dinner table. Use melamine to bring out your love for unique and stylish dinnerware that everyone will envy.

An Affordable Option

It may look like porcelain and feel like porcelain, but it doesn’t cost the same. For a reasonable and very affordable price, you will get indestructible food-safe dishware. At the same time, it is fit for all occasions, from quiet dinners at home to weddings and other formal events. It’s the best choice for families with kids as you’ll avoid stressing out over chipped or broken pieces of a collection.

Final Thoughts

At Bzyoo, we recommend our melamine products as the safest and most affordable dinnerware available on the market today. Choose from numerous collections like Organica, La La Mandala, or Water Color Floral Melamine. We have anything and everything to suit even the pickiest of hosts.

To complete the table appearance, go to our online store and select one of the many serveware options, like the Reactive Trivet Set or the Spoon Rest Set. Contact us today, and add a splash of your personality to your dinner table with our special dinnerware collections!