Add a Splash of Color To Your Dishes

Add a Splash of Color To Your Dishes - bzyoo

Using the same plain dishes for years can start to get a bit boring, but that doesn’t mean tossing them and buying new ones. Instead, it can be easy to add a splash of color to your dishes and create a table setting you’ll love. It can even be changed regularly, depending on the season or upcoming holidays, so there’s always a colorful and new look when you sit down for dinner. If you’re looking for a way to add a splash of color to your dishes, consider the following tips. 

Spoon Rest

A spoon rest can be a great way to add in a little bit of color to the table. The spoon rest helps keep the table clean, providing a spot for spoons used for serving to be placed when they’re not in use. This also helps keep the spoon clean since it won’t end up falling into the bowl. Pick out a colorful one to add just a little bit of color to the table. Since they’re inexpensive, consider rotating colors depending on the time of the year. 

Canisters on the Table

Various sizes of canisters are perfect for hiding things that people may need during dinner. They can hold sugar for the tea, extra napkins, straws, and just about anything else that may be needed but that might look out of place on the table. When picking out canisters, opt for colorful options that will add to the overall look of the table instead of blending in. Due to the size, they can be perfect for adding a splash of color or an interesting design to the table. 

Trivets for Hot Plates

Plates that are too hot can damage the table, but it’s best to serve the food while it’s hot. Trivets are used to protect the table and provide somewhere for the plates or bowls to sit while everyone gets their food. They also make it easier to pass around hot plates or bowls to keep fingers from burning. When trivets are used, they can be a great way to add color to the table. They’re small and easily stored, so it’s possible to have trivets the right color for any occasion. 

Colorful Platters of Food

Instead of adding color to the plates, why not make the food colorful? A platter of food at the center of the table is a fantastic way to add some color to the table without having to buy new dishes or change how everything looks. Opt for a platter that has a rainbow of colors, like fruits and vegetables, for the appetizers or choose foods carefully and create a plate that’s colorful and fun. Any food can be used to create a platter that adds to the look of the table. 

Reusable Napkins

Napkins help keep everyone clean while eating, so they’re used at every dinner. Yet, they’re often boring and just used for their purpose instead of adding to the aesthetics of the table. Instead, opt for reusable napkins that can be changed as needed to add some more color to the table. There are tons of napkin folding ideas to try out, or they can just be folded into a rectangle and placed on the plate before dinner is served. 

Table Runners

Down the center of the table, a table runner is a perfect way to add some color to the room and make the dishes stand out a bit more. Table runners can be changed with the season and can be as intricate or simple as desired. Opt for a more elegant table runner for important events like engagement party dinners, or pick out something that fits the season, like a Christmas table runner during the holidays, for a unique look that can be updated throughout the year. 

Floral Arrangements

In the center of the table, a floral arrangement can be a great way to add some color and interest. It isn’t necessary to spend a ton of money on the floral arrangement, either. It’s possible to create an amazing design using floral arrangement tips and create something that can be changed out throughout the year. Fresh or fake flowers can be used, depending on the desired look. For something that will last all season, though, opt for fake flowers that look realistic. 


Centerpieces can come in any form and be a great way to add color to any table. Pick out a centerpiece based on the holiday or season, or just choose bright colors to make the dishes stand out a bit more. A centerpiece can be purchased or made at home, and it can be just about any size to fit the table. When designing a centerpiece, keep in mind how it will be stored throughout the year if it’s only going to be used seasonally so that it can be used year after year. 

Clear Glass with Colorful Drinks

Glasses on the table are often filled with water or other drinks that don’t really add much color. However, there are plenty of drinks that are bright and colorful that can add to the look of the table. Choose clear glasses and pick out any of the rainbow or brightly colored drinks to add in some color. Depending on the event and the guests, there are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that can be used to add in color at any table. 

Dishes can start to look boring or dull, especially if they’re all the same color and are used every day for years. Often, homes have white dishes or another light color, which don’t really stand out when they’re used every day. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time to toss the dishes and try something new. If you’re ready to add a bit of color to your table or you’d like to try something new, consider some of the ideas here. They’re a great way to add color without having to toss it all and buy something new.